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Upgrading Oracle Linux 7 to 8 With Leapp

Overview The Leapp utility is a framework for updating and upgrading operating systems as well as applications. The operations of this utility consist of two phases 1. the preupgrade Phase – that chack the upgrade possibilities and 2. the actual upgrade phase – that map packages between previous and current versions of the software packages. Verifying the system before Upgrade # head -1 /etc/* rel * # uname -r # sudo grubby --default-kernel Step 1: Preparing for the Upgrade 01. If you are upgrading a remote system, ensure remote connection through a console such as VNC. 02. Ensure the system backup to avoid any kind of loss such as data, application, configuration, etc. 03. Shut down all production services such as application, database, corn jobs, etc. 04. Disable Secure Boot if it is running. To check the status of Secure Boot, choose one of the following commands: Using bootctl status, # sudo bootctl status Or using mokutil –sb-state, # sudo mokutil --sb-state If Secure Boot is ena